Ujjain mahakaleshwar pandit ji

Dosh Nivaran Pujas as of Ujjain mahakaleshwar pandit ji by Famous Brahmin. Dosh Yoga is a serious condition in somebody’s horoscope. According to Hindu astrology, when all the seven planets are surrounded between the shadow planets Rahu and Ketu, the time is formed of these yoga, Get Dosha solution Ujjain mahakaleshwar pandit ji to WhatsApp!.

Pandit Famous for doing narayan nagbali puja in ujjain, mangal dosh puja in ujjain, bhat puja mangalnath in ujjain, rudrabhishek puja in ujjain, mahamrityunjay mantra jaap in ujjain etc… We conduct all kind of Pujas to bring prosperity and harmony in life.

The verses are pronounced aloud by the priests who are written in (“San-Skrit” language pronounced as sun-s-krita) ancient Indian language. There is a belief that this language is used for communication by God.

Rahu is the head of Nag, while Ketu is the serpent’s tail. The presence of time serpent yoga in someone’s horoscope is very harmful. It damages every aspect of a person’s life. Book your Ujjain mahakaleshwar pandit ji With with Pundit Anshul Shastri Ji Ujjain at City in Madhya Pradesh, So talk now Pandit ji!.

Brahmins in Ujjain done to fulfill our wishes and for prosperity. He is a very special type of Puja that only local Mahakaleswar brahmins perform in Ujjain, booking appointment with Guruji now!.

Throughout Pundit Anshul Shastri Ji Pooja, all kinds of dosh are destroyed to Ujjain mahakaleshwar pandit ji of Madhya Pradesh.

Pandit Ji Performing All  types of Kalasarpa yogas :

-Anantha Kalasarpa Yoga:

-Kulika Kalasarpa Yoga:

-Vasuki Kalasarpa Yoga:

-Shankuphala Kalasarpa Yoga:

-Padma Kalasarpa Yoga:

-Mahapadma Kalasarpa Yoga:

-Takshaka Kalasarpa Yoga:

-Karkotaka Kalasarpa Yoga:

-Shanchachud Kalasarpa Yoga:

-Ghatak Kalasarpa Yoga:

-Vishdhana Kalasarpa Yoga:

-Sesh-naga Kalasarpa Yoga:

Ujjain Pundit Anshul Shastri has doing all kinds of defects nivaran such as Kalsarp, Nagnarayan Bali Karma, Navagraha Shanti, Manglik Solution etc., So call now pandit in Ujjain and Book Ujjain mahakaleshwar pandit ji!


Book today Extremely Good Pandit for puja at Ujjain, Who will be performed at Ujjain Aashram. And Pandit Ujjain ji is one of those chief rituals of the city who provide rituals and worship at your home, office and other places.

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